Badlands in Sunlight

img_20161029_100005FINALLY! I have finally seen the Badlands under the light of the good ol’ sun. Ok, so it was overcast, but still daytime anyways. It was just as beautiful as it was at night, just a bit more visible. Honestly, I recommend seeing this national park, in both the day and night, but that’s just my opinion.

A friend of mine from Minnesota came to Rapid to visit for a week, and she made sure that I got to see the one national park, that is in my backyard basically, in the daylight. Also, just to through this out there, it was my first day off in 25 days, so it was more like after noon by the time we headed out.

We piled into my friends car, her boyfriend at the wheel, and we took the back roads to the Badlands. Highway 44 is a quiet, and flat road, with a lot of small farms, and ranches that follow it out into the middle of nowhere. Even a Llama ranch!!!  To get into the Badlands from this road, you have to turn onto a gravel road off of Highway 44. After traveling on this gravel road for quite a ways you can start to see the large, jagged rocks of the Badlands in the distance. As we entered the national park we found tons of Bison roaming the plains, and basking in the sunlight.

Further up the road we were stopped by a small family of Bison crossing the road. (I took a short video of them crossing that can be found on my Instagram account: @dannidaisy_) There were four of them, one a baby who got really excited after crossing the road and started running in circles around the adults, the cutest thing ever! Eventually we were able to slowly proceed down the road, where we decided to get out of the car and look around. I sat on the edge of what was basically a cliff, and took in the beauty until we decided to venture on to see more. Of course, before leaving I had to stop and snap a photo of my beloved BANGS shoes hanging above the rocky scenery. ( and if you don’t know about BANGS, your missing out! Please click the link and check them out, and don’t be afraid to ask me questions!)


On our way to our next look out we found ourselves stopped yet again. This time we were stopped by people in the road, confused we inched closer and realized they were taking photos of a Long Horn Sheep- so I immediately grabbed my camera and joined them. After a few minutes we were on our way again…

The Badlands, in conclusion, are absolutely beautiful. So full of wildlife, and painting worthy scenery, and I am so lucky to live so close to it… South Dakota is NOT as bad as it sounds, I promise.


I would like to thank my amazing friends who adventured with me, especially  because my car is not the biggest fan of adventuring. It was all in all a great week with a friend that I only see as often as we can make the trips. Lots of long talks as the “welcoming committee” for our boyfriends fraternity house, fun by the fire, and triple date dinners. I look forward to many more fun trips in the future!

Live Bravely!


Danielle B.

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