Get Outta Town!

img_20161122_140306It was a few weeks ago, while my best friend (Kylie) and I were sitting at a burger joint, that we came up with the idea to road trip to Denver, CO. Both having been dealing with loved ones from our past, along with the difficulties of our present realities, and long, never-ending work hours, we decided we needed a break from everything. We decided on the one and only day that seemed to work for both of us, and set out to make this happen no matter what. We were going, and nothing would stop us.

For two weeks we waited impatiently for the days to go by, and for the 18th of November to finally grace us with its presence. As the day got closer, the chances for a successful trip started to turn bleak. The forecast began to show rain, which quickly turned to snow, and gradually looked worse as the days crept on. Our co-workers and families began to make comments about our beloved get away becoming inevitably doomed, and in return we began to doubt its existence ourselves. That, in addition to our plans to meet-up with friends from Salt Lake City, UT failing left and right, brought our excitement to a new low. I began to feel disappointed after all the work I had put in to change my schedule around for this one day away from everything. The negativity was getting to me, which is something I try very hard on a daily basis to not let happen.

The day before the trip the snow began to fall, and the roads turned slick. We continued to plan for the best, not knowing what would happen. I packed my bags, and stared out my window at the first snowfall of the year, and prayed for a miracle. By morning the snow had started melting, which instantly filled me with hope. My only worry was that the melted snow would freeze by the time we left after work, before it dried up. I threw my bags in my car and drove to work, testing the roads as I went. Kylie messaged me once I pulled in the parking lot, and said, “We are still going right? Even if we have to drive REALLY slow?”. My reply was “yes”, because duh, I never give up an opportunity for adventure. Leaving work, the roads looked better, and I headed to my friends house in Box Elder, SD, to through my bags in her car and take off into the night, not before picking up another friend who had quickly chosen to come with us to escape as well.


A miracle happened.

As soon as we were out of Rapid City, the roads became clear and dry, and they stayed that way throughout the trip. We were ecstatic, and we were getting the hell out of town! As we drove though the dark, and under the stars, we blasted our music and danced in our seats. The three of us in our own world, feeling invincible and free at last.

Six hours after leaving our homes, and our lives, the city lights of Denver, CO emerged into view.  We made our way South, through the city, and finally to our hotel. It was about 12:30am by the time we made it up to our room on the 7th floor. We were tired from traveling, but excited to finally be here. (Also, I have a thing for big windows, and we had the prettiest view!) Eventually exhaustion won, and we went to bed.


Kylie and I woke up early, and immediately started getting ready for the day. (girl stuff) Soon we were waking Jake up to rush him into getting ready so that we could go explore a city we’ve never really SEEN before. But first, Jamba Juice! We started at Broadway street (or Ave. or whatever) to take in the culture, and thrift shop of course. Next, we headed downtown where we ran across the 16th Street Mall, and decided to see what it had to offer. It was still morning, and very cold so we found a Cheesecake Factory restaurant, and went in to warm up and have lunch.

Finally it warmed up a bit and we were back outside exploring bookstores, and thrift stores, and clothing stores in this place that had malls within malls. Something that does not exist in South Dakota. Before heading out of downtown we stopped for my favorite coffee (that we also don’t have at home) Caribou Coffee. Next we found another mall to explore that had one of our favorite stores, and we drug poor Jake around, before giving in and going back to the hotel to drop bags off and relax. We ended up all cuddled on one bed playing a logo game off of kylies phone, and enjoying doing nothing for a few hours.

At 6:00pm Kylie and I got up and got our things ready to go. Jake decided to stay at the hotel for a little while, and work on getting us tickets to an Imax movie (which we also don’t have in Rapid). Kylie and I had plans for dinner with a girl neither of us had ever met in person, but I had talked to a few times through the amazing community of BANGS ambassadors we are a part of. She and her girlfriend live in Denver, and after learning that I was in the city, she invited us out for dinner so we could meet.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Hops & Pie, Denver,CO

I was completely nervous to meet Cam. Not only for the fact that she was practically a stranger, but also because she is such a well known voice in the BANGS community. I knew she was going to be awesome, I just didn’t know how she would react to quiet, weird little me. The shy little girl voice was screaming at me, “What on earth do you think you’re doing? You cant even talk to people you don’t know in person! Get out of this!” But I wanted the experience, and I wanted to meet this new friend, so I did.

Kylie and I drove all the way across Denver (during a Broncos game) to the small pizza shop that Cam had chosen. “The best pizza in Denver!” We talked, and I tried not to talk with my mouth full of delicious pizza, and we laughed, and the whole meet up was basically just great! After we finished eating, we went outside to let her girlfriend take photos of us together with our BANGS, and of course the pizza. #BANGSfam Eventually it became late, and we parted ways. Kylie and I had to race back to the hotel to get Jake.

I ran up to the room to get Jake, and after hearing me struggle to get the key to work, he opened the door to let me in, and grabbed his things to go. Luckily, the Imax theater was just down the street, and we made it in time to park the car in the parking garage and get inside to take our seats. We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them in 3D. It was great.

We were asleep by 1:00am, and awake by 7:00am. We took off first thing in the morning for home. We arrived just in time for me to get to work on time at 3:00pm. The trip wasn’t long enough, but it was worth it. When you know what you love, and what makes you happy, always do your best to take every opportunity you have to get it, and don’t let little things get in your way. Don’t let fear guide you, this is your life.

Live Bravely!


Danielle B.



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