Precious Moments of Luxury

img_20161211_013152Every once in a while, it’s nice to splurge on an exciting family tradition. Actually, every once in a while it’s nice to really fun to do something out of the ordinary with the people who have, and will always be by your side no matter what.

Every year around Christmas, a group of my family members pitches in money for a limousine. We all drive down to Story Book Island (a park here in Rapid City), and stand in the arctic temperatures, waiting for this large stretched out vehicle to whisk us away on a snowy holiday night, for two hours.

The Hummer Limo, driven by a family friend, pulled into the parking lot rather quickly this year, saving us from a long icy wait. The 12 of us piled into this fancy, lit up vehicle as quickly as we could, picking our seats, and stripping our winter layers off. We had hardly made it out of the parking lot before the radio was playing old rock songs, and the champagne and sparkling apple cider bottles were being passed around.

Laughter began to fill the air, and the little ones began there own adventures up and down the limo. The point is always to see all the Christmas lights together, in a more extravagant setting than we are used to, but the limo always turns into a temporary family home for us to catch-up with each other and share an exciting experience together.

With all the chatting, and laughter, the windows always end up fogged over, and me being me, I always want to take pictures. I had to get a bit creative this year, because we forgot to bring paper towels to clear the fog, and ended up with the above photos.

Our annual Christmas tradition all in all was a success. So many great memories are made from small little moments of fun and happiness, never forget to enjoy where you are, and what you have. I recommend taking a moment during the seasons to splurge on an exciting, and out-of-the-ordinary adventure with the people who mean the most to you. And, of course, have a merry Christmas, it will be the only Christmas of 2016 we will ever get.

Live Bravely!


Danielle B.


One thought on “Precious Moments of Luxury

  1. What a happy, fun tradition. I’m so glad you have these adventures and that you embrace them wholeheartedly… a special memory that will last a lifetime. 🎅🏼🎄🍾💟


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