Favorites Of The Month: January 2017

I’ve always loved experiencing things, and making memories over everything else. What I mean is that I’m not a very materialistic person, unless we are talking about something that would help in my quests for adventure, and adventurous stories. BUT, I do have my moments when I just want some new things. Usually, that happens after a long period of not travelling anywhere. You know, if I can’t have new places then I want new things to surround myself with. Over the years I have found products that I absolutely love, and I would like to share them with you. Once a month I’ll give you a short list with things like books, cleansers, make-up, snacks, brands, home d├ęcor, and any other kind of “good stuff” you can think of. Here we go, list #1..

Cue The Sound Of Music’s “These are a few of my favorite things”…

1. BANGS Shoes! (I mean, duh, right?) Literally wear my BANGS everyday, and I promise I’m not just saying that because I’m an ambassador Mentor for the brand.

2. My XO Planner is seriously saving my life already, this year! I’m in love with having a whole page dedicated to each day. Everyday has it’s own Schedule, To-Do list, Health box, and notes section, along thing a few other spots for inspiration and creativity. 

3. Smashbox: Camera Ready BB Cream is my new favorite foundation. I was sent a tester of it in my January Ipsy bag, and everyday I hope to never get to the end of the bottle.

4. Amie Naturally Kind Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish is another one I got from Ipsy. Feels so refreshing in the morning, and smells so citrus-y.

5. I have also recently discovered a love for the Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash-off Mask. My face has never felt happier.

6. Arvo watches are so simple and beautiful. I enjoyed waiting for the New Year, while getting to show off this pretty piece.

7. For something sweet and really good, my go to is my all time favorite chocolates, Frangos, a Northwest tradition from Macy’s. (Thank goodness they are online!) My personal favorites are the Mint Chocolate and the Red Velvet flavors!

8. Speaking of the beautiful northwest, one of my favorite brands has Pacific Northwest vibes all over the place. Wish You Were Northwest has some of the coziest gear, and always makes me feel a little closer to home.

9. Who loves campfires? I know I do. Especially the smell. Juniper Ridge actually makes a campfire collection of incense. My recommendation? The Cedar scented, it reminds me of smelling the fresh cut cedar wood when my Grandpa Gary would come home from a day of logging in the Northern Cascades, and of course, all of the campfires.

10. Driftwood by Elizabeth Dutton. One of my favorite books. The whole idea of the plot of this story is awesome! It makes me want to just get in my car and go.

So there you have it folks. I hope you enjoy some of these things as much as I do! Anything you think I should check out? I’m always up for recommendations!



Danielle B.