The Badge of Busy.

I find myself constantly trying to juggle many things: Working (7 days a week, most of the time) as a Home Care Aide, being an Ambassador Mentor for BANGS Shoes & being in charge of a wonderful team of 12 Ambassadors, owning an Etsy shop- Wired Up Wraps (which I plan on updating soon, I promise!), Keeping up with my blog, carving out time with friends and family, and relieving my restless urge to wander & explore (for my sanity). Carving out any time for myself seems virtually impossible for the most part, but every now and then I am blessed with a short breather, and I am reminded that I do what I do simply because I love it. My brain feels that if I am not doing something productive, then I am wasting my presious time. So I suppose I like to be busy, maybe I just like to give off that I am an “active”, “driven”, and “motivated” person.

For a workaholic like myself, being so busy also has it’s perks. Yes, besides the money. I am constantly meeting new and amazing people, always inspired, coming up with really good ideas, developing new opinions, and to sum it all up, if my brain were a filing cabinet, it would have exploded five months ago. This is where I found comfort, and passion in writing, list making, and blogging. It’s a way to sort out all the chaos on my own (which is how I prefer to work anyways.)

Being so busy can also be mentally draining, sometimes revitalizing- but often times just down right exhausting. This past week was a huge challenge, and left me an emotional wreck multipule times. (which is very unusual, and kind of annoying me, haha) After six months of constant work mode, I feel I have burnt myself out. It sucks, I don’t like it one bit, but everyone has their limits. So I’ve started making the changes I need to, to bulid myself back up again, because there are moments in life where it is nessesary to stop what you are doing, and take care of yourself first. So I talked my boss into dropping me down to part-time, at least until May, so that I have time to regenerate my energy, and focus on more of the hobbies that excite, and inspire me. I like to think the my hypersensitivity to whatever is going on around me plays a big part in the emotional imbalance I’ve found myself in, but to me that’s just life- a series of roller-coaster rides that I know will end with some kind of “light” at the end of the tunnel.

I guess what I am saying is that everyone has thier limits, and even if you love what your doing, it’s ok to give yourself a break if you start feeling extreamly overwhelmed. If you can’t keep yourself healthy, and happy, you’ll just end up being miserable, and life is way to short for that nonsense. You don’t have to take on the whole world by yourself, and you are not a robot. Take it easy on youself, human!

Stay Happy,

Live Bravely!


Danielle B.


Fear Only Asks Questions

I don’t know why we put things off. Why we wait till the last minute. Why we are always waiting for the “right time”. Waiting, that’s the problem here. That’s the part of this that sneaks up on up when you’re not looking.img_20160917_083221

Never leave that till tomorrow, which you can do today. -Benjamin Franklin

My theory is that procrastination is born from fear. Fear of failure, of rejection, of pain. Fear of making a decision, big or small, and the results of your choices- What if its the wrong choice?

Yes, there are other forms of procrastinating. Running errands, buying new tires, doing homework- we put those things off too. We tell ourselves “I’ll do it later”, or “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Those things are small, at least at first. They don’t come with the threat of flipping you’re familiar, cozy life upside-down. The consequences are not unknown, you can prepare yourself for what you are getting yourself into. The results still suck, and I definitely don’t recommend doing this to yourself, but you know you’ll be alright.img_20160801_083045

It’s the big ones. The life changing decisions. Those are the ones that will get you. That will have you crawling under your blankets screaming, “Can’t I just think about this later??!!”. Well, let me be the bad guy… No. Don’t do that to yourself. Waiting will get you nowhere, and “the right time”, yeah, that doesn’t exist.

I know it’s scary. Trust me. I’m probably going to be reading this post to myself, for the rest of forever. The unknown is absolutely terrifying. What if I don’t like the career I’ve chosen? What if I can’t live with the person I’ve chosen to love? What if I’m wrong about where I truly believe I’m meant to be? What if I move only to find out I should have stayed? Seriously, I know the feeling. But that’s the fear talking, and fear cannot tell you what’s going to happen, it only asks questions.

“The early bird catches the worm.”img_20160812_194518

“He who hesitates is lost.”

Let’s make a deal, you and I. Let’s stop putting things off. Let’s stop waiting, because if we never go after what we want, we will never get it. We have to fight for it. We have to make our own mistakes, and learn our own lessons. We can’t pretend we haven’t been told at least once in our lives to “Seize The Day”. Waiting will never tell you what the future holds.

Are you wondering yet what these photos have to do with this post? I’ll tell you. I was born in Mount Vernon, Washington, and was moved to South Dakota at the age of three. Every summer until I turned eighteen I lived in Washington, and every time I leave it breaks my heart. I love it out there. I feel completely myself out there. I truly believe that Washington is where I belong. For my entire life I have wanted to move back, but there was always something that made me stay in South Dakota. Little excuses I tell myself to ease the homesickness. And of course, my favorite saying (I rolled my eyes as I typed that by the way) “One day, eventually, I will be home for good.”.

So you see, I’m not just making this all up. I’m serious. I’m twenty-two years old. I’m done waiting. Procrastinating is at the top of my “Quits list”, because knowing is better than wondering, and waking is better than sleeping. Even the biggest failure beats the hell out of never trying.

Live Bravely.


Danielle B.


Over looking Skagit County, WA from Little Mountain in Mount Vernon. Taken by Danielle Boer. July 2016